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One thing I can not stand is when people scold others for being depressed and/or complaining, with the excuse of “there are people out there worse than you.” Firstly, might I say, that many psychiatrists argue that “happiness” is influenced most-heavily by genetics, and not your immediate surroundings. Find it shocking if you may: but it’s for that reason, that even people in internment camps can be quite happy. Obviously it’s not the environment of their choice, but their genes enable them to still be quite happy. That aside— everyone is entitled to an emotional response. I don’t care if you’re the richest man alive— if you’re depressed, you’re depressed! If you have a complaint, you have a complaint! 
I love what fleshscars said in response to this anon. “I could just as easily ask you how you have the right to be happy when other people exist in this world who have it so much better than you. Do you not see how ridiculous that is?” I think I might start responding with that.  
And in the big picture, what good does it serve a person to scold someone who has a complaint or is depressed? Honestly? Do you think you’re posing a question that’s going to somehow enlighten them? That they’re going to suddenly think, “Oh! You’re absolutely right! I have no physical reasons to be upset, so I won’t be anymore.” Emotions are always valid, even if other people don’t agree with your personal response. And I normally don’t make statements like the ones here— but these are concepts I will fight for. I strongly believe everyone is entitled to an opinion— and likewise their own, personal emotions. 
Anyone who says that it’s wrong for someone to complain, or feel depressed, because there are people out there worse than them— I will tell them they’re wrong. Every time.
February 26th
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